What material are the covers made out of?
The covers are made out of different types of ABS plastic. After much material exploration, ABS has proven to have some pretty great properties including being: durable, lightweight, flexible, cleanable, and easily modifiable.
How durable are the covers?
The durability of the covers completely corresponds to the patterning of the various designs. Covers with more perforations tend to be more delicate, and detailed, but also very lightweight. Whereas designs with less perforations are more durable, but are a bit heavier. Keep in mind that selecting a cover is completely based on your personal expectations for both design style and durability.
How do the covers attach to my prosthesis?
The covers are attach to the prosthesis with two polyurethane straps with metal hooks. The material is extremely durable and keeps the cover from rotating and sliding on the prosthesis. To see how the straps attach take a look at our fitting videos on the 'Fit Page'
How long does it take to receive once I place my order?
We always try to ship your cover out within 3-5 days of receiving your order. Shipping can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks in shipping depending on the shipping method you choose and where you are located. (Keep in mind that we are located in Victoria BC, Canada, so any shipments in North America on the westcoast are much quicker than shipping to the east coast or abroad.)
Can I get a design with custom artwork made?
Yes!!! We will work with you to come up with the artwork and concepts for your cover. Once you sign off on the sketches and overall concept, we will put the cover into production and ship it off to you. Custom designs cost a flatrate of $1500 and you must place the order for your custom cover before we will begin doing any artwork on your new piece.